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Hospital services
Due to our experience in working with clients who have certain medical conditions, we ventured into hospital services. Quite simply, we wanted to prove to administrators and patients that
hospital food did not have to taste or look like the famous undesired “hospital food”.
In this respect, we had the good fortune of receiving the cooperation of major hospitals that liked the concept and invited us to serve patients who were used to receiving first class services.

Institutional services
This unit is mainly concerned with catering to schools, universities, big companies and special events.
Its services include a wide range of catering activities such as receptions, cafeteria services and kiosks where light meals and snacks are served.
This of course is the outcome of years of hard work aimed at finally having our concept accepted and welcomed by the younger generation who have come to adopt our food in their daily meals.
The greatest success and satisfaction comes from knowing we are teaching children and teens healthy eating habits and therefore, helping to fight obesity, which has reached phenomenal levels, right at the roots.



Individual benefits
  Healthy and tasty food at competitive
  Controlled caloric intake
  Nutritionally balanced
  Less cholesterol, fat and sugar
  No time wasted on food preparation
  Less need for grocery shopping
  Large variety of meal options
  Prepared under high standards in
hygiene and food safety
  Use of the highest quality raw materials
Group benefits
In addition to all the health benefits listed above, a group can get:
Special discounts
Organized health awareness
Diet Center credibility extends far and wide, allowing it to cater to well-known hospitals, providing meals with its usual high standards to patients. The Center is run by a professional team of dietitians and food technologists, and continues to be a pioneer in the region, creating awareness and educating people about healthy eating habits for more than 20 to 25 years.
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