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The Clinic

Our Clinics can be found in Riyadh, Jeddah and Khobar. People who go there are generally either
suffering from overweight, or referred to us by their doctors who want them to follow a specialized diet program to supplement their medical treatment.

In order to serve each client according to his needs, we have staffed the Clinics with a professional team of dietitians. Over the years, this dedicated team has served more than 30,000 clients with different medical problems that include obesity, hyperlipidemia, hypertension, diabetes, renal failures and other nutrition related conditions such as Celiac, Crohn’s disease and more.

The personalized Diet Center Clinic Program provides:
An interview with a qualified dietitian where she reviews the medical history, food habits and lifestyle with the client.
A body composition analysis test repeated once every month to show changes in body fat, muscles and fluids.
A weekly follow-up with the dietitian to monitor weight loss and/or medical conditions.
An individualized program tailored to the needs and tastes of the patient.
An extensive catered menu delivered to the client’s home or workplace according to individual preferences.
We are constantly developing and refining diets to serve new demands such as post bariatric surgeries, athletic needs, pregnancy, lactation and others.
Furthermore, we believe in spreading nutrition and health education beyond the Clinic walls and we endeavor to do so by:
Printing booklets about different nutrition related topics and illnesses like diabetes, osteoporosis, heart diseases and lactation (available in the Clinics and Shops).
Sharing daily nutritional tips and advice through TV and radio programs, or SMS and websites.
Giving lectures to school and university students, and presentations to NGOs and company staff.
Participating in fairs and expos.

Maintaining informative and interactive social media platforms such as
Diet Center @DietCenterKSA


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